The Process...

1. The Pour

The guest chooses what flavour ice cream they’d like. Ingredients go on to the cold plate along with a rich Jersey ice cream mix.

2. The magic begins!

The ingredients start to freeze as they’re chopped and mixed together.

3. The Spread

The combination is spread onto the plate, ready for the best bit...

4. The Roll

Right before their eyes the ice cream rolls are curled into shape

5. Served

They’re served and ready to be devoured

6. Extra!

Guests can add even more lavish toppings and sauces to complete their treat

Frew & Co Artisan Rolled Ice Cream produces the freshest and tastiest ice cream you will ever experience.

The ice cream is made fresh right in front of the guest on a -30° cold plate. We add any kind of fresh ingredients, chop it together and roll it up, creating beautifully tasty ice cream.

Discovered in Thailand by the founder Andy, he saw the opportunity to bring ice cream rolls and their endless flavour combinations to the UK. Why just have ice cream, when you can also have a captivating show too?

We cater to every occasion such as weddings and corporate events, and turn them into a fun, theatrical food display which gets both children and adults very excited

The choice of flavours are truly endless

Fancy yourself as an ice cream aficionado? We’ll help you to create your very own bespoke flavour to make the event truly unique. Here are some of our favourites:
• Oreo & Nutella
• Eton mess
• Strawberry Cheesecake (we use a real slice of cake!)
• Ferrero Rocher & Nutella

We can use any ingredients

We can even do vegan ice cream. Plus, it didn’t take long for us to develop a list of adult only Alcohol-infused flavours too, such as
• Gin, Elderflower & Raspberry
• Bailey’s & Ferrero Rocher
• Amaretto & Cherry Bakewell Tart

All booked events include unlimited ice cream and use of all our decorations and props

We have two options for the way the ice cream is served. We can either serve full 8oz portions for each guest, or ‘Taster’ size portions.

8oz Portion

A full 8oz portion is plenty for each guest and takes about 2 minutes to serve.
For a large number of guests, extra Ice Pans may be required to serve all with a full portion.

Taster Portions

With ‘Taster’ portions, each guest is served with a minimum of 1 large roll in a smaller tub at a time. We can serve about 4 or 5 guests in 2 minutes on each pan, and it’s a great option when other dessert options, finger food or a buffet is available.

Remember, it’s unlimited ice cream so guests can come back as many times as they want!

The ‘Taster’ portions option is often the more affordable option, but still provides amazing entertainment and fantastic tasting ice cream for all your guests. It’s our most popular choice and means there is less waiting for the guests.

For more information...

Download our brochure below. Or request a booking to get a quote for your next event

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